Find about the controversies of Top 5 probable Contestants of Bigg Boss 10

Bollywood actors Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 10 is going to start from 16th October, 2016. Many names have been revealed as the probable contestants in Bigg Boss. TV Actor Mayur Verma, Musician and TV host Raj Mahajan, MTV Roadies fame VJ Bani, Self-styled goddess Radhe Maa, Bollywood Actor Kabir Bedi, Social Activist Trupti Desai, Bollywood Actor Shiney Ahuja, Late Pratyusha’s Boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh, TV Actor Armaan Jain, Actor Sana Saeed, Comedian Sunil Grover and Gay activist Nakshatra Bagwe are the ones who has been considered as the probable contestants in Bigg Boss. Some of them are famous for due to their name & fame. While, some of them are making headlines due to the controversies associated with them. Let’s have a look on the controversies of top 5 potential contestants in Bigg Boss 10 :

bigg-boss-10controversies of Top 5 probable Contestants of Bigg Boss 10

  1. Radhe Maa : Radhe Maa, who calls herself a god woman, has grabbed national attention with an rray of controversies and eye-catching pictures on social media. Years before she became Radhe Maa of Mumbai, she was Sukhwinder Kaur of Mukerian town in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Residents there remember her as a teenager who stitched their clothes to back up the earnings of her husband, who worked in the sweetshop of his brother. Radhe Maa’s style of blessing her devotees is apparently to dance with them and have them lift and carry her. An obscenity complaint filed against her says she allows devotees to kiss her. Online videos show Radhe Maa, who has studied till Class 10, dancing to Bollywood songs. She is also pictured in western clothes, notably a red mini-skirt. Before becoming “Radhe Maa”, Sukhvinder Kaur was a young mother of two who took on tailoring work to supplement the income of her husband. She was born in Punjab’s Gurdaspur district to a government officer. Radhe Maa has been summoned for questioning by the Mumbai police after a 32-year-old woman alleged dowry harassment and “mental and physical torture.” The woman has said that her husband’s family harassed her on Radhe Maa’s orders. RadheMaa has a fan following which consists of film stars. Daler Mehendi, Ravi Kishan, Manoj Tiwari, Subhash Ghai, Navjyot Singh Sidhu are just a few of those names. Dolly Bindra also alleged that Radhe Maa organises sex parties on a regular basis and that her followers assaulted Dolly sexually.
  1. Raj Mahajan : Raj has had a very controversial married life. Raj had been a victim of mental torture by his blusterer wife and in-laws and he had filed a case of divorce on the basis of cruelty from his wife. Raj had come to know about the shady and absurd deeds of his in-laws and had broken relations with his in-laws which in turn led to the troubles in the life of Raj Mahajan with a revenge of vengeance. His better-half made his life actually bitter. His in-laws started creating problems in Raj’s life with the support of Raj’s wife. Raj had received absurd threatening letters from an unknown person (doubted from his in-laws), and complaint about the same was registered in Shakarpur police station. On the day of Diwali 2015, his Dabangg wife roughed-up with Raj Mahajan. She further abused badly and used derogative terms for Raj Mahajan. His was forced to leave his own flat and his flat was captured by in-laws. The keys of the flat were grabbed by his wife and spy cameras were installed in the house by his in-laws. Raj Mahajan, who spreads the magic of his music has become a victim of misery in his own home. When Raj started living separate, problems reached the next level, with an intention to capture the flat and to defame Mahajan, Raj’s wife, put allegations of gold jewellery theft from his own home and the extramarital affair on Raj Mahajan in the police station. Raj has been accused by her wife for having illegal-physical relations with many times. Indigent Raj had been a victim of the absurd allegations from his Dabangg wife since he married her. Raj says that his mother-in-law is also involved in bewitchment and he has proof to it. Well, after the unsuccessful marriage Raj is now living separately. So these are some secrets of the controversial life of Raj Mahajan’s married life. Prior to this, Raj Mahajan had made headlines by making controversial statements like “Gadhe Ko Ghoda Banaa Diyaa Jaata hai…” (An ass makes a horse) in a Facebook live video. His episode of TV talk show ‘Music Masti with Raj Mahajan’ with Late Bollywood Singer Labh Janjua had made headlines as Labh had criticised Bollywood on his TV show.
  1. Kabir Bedi : Kabir has been married four times. Kabir and Parveen, who have an age gap of 29 years, have been together for 10 years now. Kabir’s mother, Freda Bedi, was a British woman born in Derby, England, who rose to fame as the first Western woman to become a Buddhist nun. Bedi married four times and had three children, Pooja, Siddharth (deceased) and Adam. He was married to Protima Bedi, an Odissi dancer. Their daughter Pooja Bedi is a magazine/newspaper columnist. Their son, Siddharth, who went to Carnegie Mellon University in the USA, had a long history of schizophrenia and committed suicide in 1997 at the age of 26. As his marriage with Protima began to break down he famously started a relationship with Parveen Babi. They never married. He later married British-born fashion designer Susan Humphreys. Their son, Adam Bedi is an international model. This marriage ended in divorce. In the early 1990s, Bedi married TV and radio presenter Nikki Bedi. They had no children and divorced in 2005. After that, Kabir Bedi has been in a relationship with British-born Parveen Dusanj. Kabir tied a knot with his long time partner Parveen Dusanj, 41, a day before his 70th birthday (15 January 2016). Parveen is born British and is four years younger to Kabir’s daughter Pooja Bedi.
  1. Shiney Ahuja : Shiney Ahuja’s 18 years old maid lodged a complaint at Oshiwara’s police station against the actor for allegedly raping her. Reports suggested that she was ‘Physically violated’. Shiney Ahuja arrested at his apartment. When police called him to enquire about the maid’s complaint, he allegedly said- things like this happen. In 2011, Ahuja was sentenced to seven years rigorous imprisonment. Ahuja filed an appeal against his conviction in the Bombay High Court. The court stayed his sentence until his case could be decided in the High Court. The news of the actor’s arrest swarmed all major news channels. The actor accepted his misdeed and suggested it as a case of ‘consensual X’. The actor’s wife Anupam Ahuja flew from Delhi to Mumbai to be by her husband’s side. She suggested the entire episode as ‘framed’ and his husband’s confession is ‘Fabricated’. News and media flooded with Shiney Ahuja’s story, analysis and all sorts of coverage. From quotes of dismayed Bollywood colleagues to wife-in-Shiney-armor, all had their share of say but nothing could help Shiney from spending his current days in police custody. In court, the maid retracted the charge she had laid against him and stated that the act of sex had been consensual. However, the trial court judge refused to accept the retraction and convicted Ahuja based on circumstantial evidence. Several hearings have been held and the case is pending. Meanwhile, the maid has been prosecuted for perjury.
  1. Rahul Raj Singh : Rahul is better known as late television actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend. Rahul Raj Singh has been accused of abetting her suicide and torturing her to such an extent where she was mentally disturbed and she couldn’t even talk to her family members about any of her problems. Pratyusha wanted just wanted to make her relationship work with Rahul and start a family with him but unfortunately, Pratyusha lost her life and she gave a shock to the entire nation on April 1. It was hard for everyone to believe that Pratyusha is no more and her friends support her and her family throughout the legal process by blaming Rahul Raj Singh for torturing Pratyusha. The Bombay High Court had granted anticipatory bail to Rahul on April 25 and Rahul had rubbished all the allegations thrown at him by Pratyusha‘s parents and friends. It was said that Rahul used Pratyusha‘s bank card and exploited her for money and he was just using her. But, Court cannot follow the allegations without proofs and it’s important to give Rahul a chance to reveal his side of the story. the entire case is revolving around her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. There have been allegations by Pratyusha’s parents as well close friends from the TV industry that Rahul is the reason of the suicide. They have claimed that their relationship was a violent, abusive. It was Pratyusha‘s mother Soma Banerjee who had filed the FIR against Rahul Raj Singh for abetting her daughter’s suicide and now once again she has sent a plea to cancel the anticipatory bail given to Rahul Raj Si

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