How to get legal cash easily from banks from today

Exchange form

Quickly understanding how to get legal cash from banks easily from today:
*First of all you have to fill up a small form, which the bank is giving itself.
*You need to have a photocopy of one of the following identity proves with you: PAN card/ Passport/ Driving Licence/ Aadhar / Voter id
*Though public banks have a long queue but the facility to get transaction money is available in private banks also
*If you are withdrawing from your account the maximum amount is Rs 10,000/-
*If you are exchanging notes, you can maximum get an amount of Rs 4000/- per person. Though people were found exchanging more amount than Rs 4000/- by using different id proves in different banks.
*There is no limit in deposition of cash amount. Upto Rs 2.5 lacs the deposition is tax free and above that the tax is imposed.
*The banks are open on Saturday and Sunday
*ATM cash withdrawal limit amount is Rs 2000/- till November 18 and then till November 24 it will be Rs 4000/.
*Few banks, seeing the crowd have increased their number of public dealing counters and work timings also.
*You can also pay your electricity bills also in old notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 till tomorrow midnight.


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