Inside girls’ hostel on a moon-lit night!

The females celebrated Karva Chauth today with a lot of fanfare. The whole day fasting without taking even water, following with pooja of the moon is considered auspicious for husband and fiances’ long life. The women on Karva Chauth also ask moon to give them the same husband in coming births. Though many unmarried girls also observed the fast today, TosNews sent its team to witness Karva Chauth Pooja at a girls’ hostel in Hazratganj locality of Lucknow. While few of the girls had secretly married their beloved, there were many who are dating the guy for couple of weeks only.

What came as a surprise was that a few Muslim girls, who have boy friends from their religion, also were fasting and performing  Karva Chauth puja. Do they believe in the custom? “Yes of course,” cheers Uzma from one of the Narhi hostels, preparing for bank exams. “We also follow the moon and so do the Hindus and moreover my boy friend is beautiful like the moon. I would do anything for his well being. If it is for his long life, I care two hoots which religion’s custom it is!”
Seema, another Muslim girl from Lakhimpur living in hostel and preparing for SSC exams quips, “My boy friend Ali is well aware of my fast. In fact he is equally participating in the Karva Chauth custom and has sent me a 4G phone online on the occasion.”
Other inmates irrespective of their religion seemed to know the ti- bits of the rituals too, be it karwa chauth katha or seeing through the sieve and offerings to Moon! The gals looked pretty in their traditional colourful wears with mehendi and bangles on both hands and big bindis. Most of them during the pooja were online with their lovers (men are not allowed in the girls’ hostels, after all).

Like the fad among the unmarried girls to fast on karva chauth, no wonder, breaking it also went with the liking of the Gen Y generation. Many broke their fasts with pizza or chinese cuisines and other delicacies ordered from various restaurants.

All is fair in love and war…! It’s Happy Karva Chauth from TosNews!


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