PM Modi praises Rajan, snubs Swamy; hints alertness over ties with Pak

Prime Minister Narendra Modi rebuked party MP Subramanian Swami for his recent attacks on outgoing RBI governor Raghuram Rajan and praised RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan and said: “He is no less patriotic. He loves India.”
In an interview to Times Now, Modi said: “Anyone who considers himself bigger than the system is wrong. This fondness for publicity is never going to do any good to the nation,” Modi said when asked about comments by the Rajya Sabha MP.
Modi even went on to praise Rajan, who has said no to a second term in RBI, saying his patriotism was no less and was sure that he would continue to serve India irrespective of whether he was in some position or not.
Modi also said that India will have to be “alert and conscious” all the time over its it’s ties with Pakistan.
He further said: “The first thing is that with whom in Pakistan you will talk about laxman rekha – with an elected government or with other actors. So India will have to be alert and conscious all the time. There should not be any laxity and negligence.”
Moreover, PM Modi said that India has always wanted a friendly relation with its neighbours.

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